10 Points that Matter When Buying a Table Tennis Table

Anyone who is interested in a ping pong table is likely overwhelmed by the variety of models. And the ping-pong table is not the same as a ping-pong table. Which one you choose should therefore be well thought out. We will tell you the 10 most important criteria to consider when buying a table tennis table.

Outdoor or indoor ping-pong table

First, you should clarify whether you will use the table tennis table indoors or outdoors. Indoor tables have better playing properties than outdoor tables: Due to the thick fine chipboard they have a better ball jumping behavior than outdoor boards. However, the difference is only noticed by experienced players and professionals, for whom only indoor tables are suitable (professional table tennis is not played outside). Similarly, even indoor tables are not always suitable for the hobby room, the basement or the garage: damp rooms can damage the wood panel. Therefore, we recommend the outdoor table tennis table.

Type of table tennis table

The nature of the plate is an important criterion. For outdoor tables, a distinction is made between aluminum composite and melamine resin boards. Aluminum composite panels, on the other hand, offer a better ball bounce than tables made of melamine resin, but here again: amateur players do not notice the difference. Also, cracks in the aluminum cladding can form in composite panels – the wood core is then no longer optimally protected. We therefore recommend sheets of melamine resin. These are by nature absolutely weather resistant.

Table tennis brands

Even though the range of table tennis tables is large, the number of known and renowned manufacturers remains manageable.

Stability and mobility

Choose a table that is as robust as possible. Sheets of melamine resin not only defy the harshest weather conditions; the material also protects against scratches and dents. Therefore, melamine resin panels are especially suitable for families, where children sometimes demand something more from the table. A sturdy base with wide feet and cross struts also improves the state of the plate. Also make sure that the table can be moved. Tables with twin roller wheels can be moved very easily. Large, frosted wheels facilitate transport on rough terrain. Other tables are also equipped with a transport handle, with which the plate can be easily raised at thresholds or terrace edges.

  1. Table tennis design – The eye plays along – and even if you do not use the ping-pong table now, it will still be visible in the garden or on the terrace. The design of the table should therefore not be ignored.
  2. Storage – Straight outdoor tables are not used throughout the year and must be repeatedly set up and put away. Therefore, check whether the table tennis table has a simple folding mechanism. This should also be easy for children to use.
  3. Safety – When buying a ping-pong table, you should pay special attention to safety – especially when children are playing at the table. A simple locking mechanism is therefore important. And when it comes to “running around”, protective covers on the corners provide enough safety for your children.
  4. Assembly – Not every shop offers a mounting service – and this always has its price. If you want to save costs, time and nerves, you should be well informed about the assembly of the table tennis table. The assembly of the table is intended for two to three people regardless of the manufacturer and takes about two hours for the inexperienced. If your dealer offers a mounting service and you want to play it safe, then a professional assembly by an expert is worthwhile.
  5. Table tennis extras – The table tennis tables of the known manufacturers usually have a similar basic equipment. Often it is additional functions that distinguish a very good from a good table. Depending on the model, the tables have various extras such as a ball holder and distributor, racket fans, retractable nets with adjustable height and tension, feet with adjustable height, corner shooter, transport handle, and rollers with brakes


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Basically, all table tennis tables have the same structure. They consist of frame, plate, frame and net. Some models also have wheels for easy transportation. If you want to enjoy it for a long time, you should pay attention to the quality of the individual components.

Frame – For a secure footing, even on uneven ground, the table should have a sturdy frame. If you want to set up the table tennis table in the garden, you should pay attention to cross struts between the legs. They provide additional stability. More comfort is provided by frames whose legs are adjustable in height. They allow you to adjust the table to your body size.

Plate – The thickness of the table top influences the bounce of the ball. Therefore, tournament tables must have a particle board that is at least 19 mm thick for optimum playing characteristics. Today, however, most table tennis tables are 22-25 mm thick. Only cheap models are sometimes a bit thinner and thus have worse playing properties. If you have little space available, it is worth buying a collapsible table. You can store such a model in a space-saving way by pushing the two halves of the table together and locking them upright using a hinge. Some table tennis tables can also be folded up on one side, so that a person can play alone on it. The folded table side serves as a wall to which the ball is played back.

Frame – The table tennis is usually enclosed by a frame, which gives the actual playing surface their stability. If you attach great importance to a particularly robust model, then you are accessing a version with a metal frame. Basically, the wider the frame, the higher the stability of the playing surface. A wide frame is especially recommended for panels that you want to place on a rough surface. On the other hand, models with a narrow frame have a lower dead weight and can be transported more easily.

Net – Some table tennis tables are available with fixed nets. These designs have the advantage that you do not have to set up the network separately. So if you want to play a spontaneous game, you only need to set up the disk and the net will work out automatically. However, fixed nets have the disadvantage that they are not easily replaceable in the event of a defect. Therefore, choose a model with a separate net if you play a lot of table tennis.

Transport castors – To transport the folded ping pong table comfortably, many models have castors. Make sure, however, that the transport wheels are equipped with parking brakes. This allows you to lock the rollers so that they do not roll away during use.