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Benefits of Wearing Work Boots

pair of sturdy work boots

Whether you are working on a construction site, as a mason or engineer, or simply on a DIY project at your home, your safety should always be your top priority. Many accidents that occur every day are due to us taking unnecessary risks with our safety when using work tools and equipment, so it’s very important to always ensure that you invest in the right personal protective equipment (PPE) to lower these risks as much as possible. One of the important PPE is a pair of good quality safety work boots. These can protect your work-related injuries that involve the feet. Having the right also have other benefits including increasing your job performance and giving you peace of mind when working.

If you are still thinking twice about investing in safety work boots, the following are some of the top benefits of wearing safety boots at work.

1. Work Boots Protect the Feet

This is actually one of the most obvious benefits of wearing you your safety boots when working. They go a long way in offering protection against punctures and also protects from trips and slips. Work can also protect your feet from burns in the event a corrosive chemical spill on them.

Safety work boots are usually made of durable materials in order to withstand many workplace hazards. There are a wide variety of safety work shoes so ensure that choose one that fits your specific job role.

If you are usually exposed to high voltage machines or electricity, choose electric hazard shoes. If your work involves handling heavy industrial materials, you might want to consider picking safety-toed shoes.

2. They offer support

Often, safety boots are heavy but they’re great when it comes to maintaining proper posture at work. Since most employees often have to walk around or stand for a long period of time, this type of footwear can go a long way in ensuring that their feet are we supported and cushioned.

By making sure that your feet are comfortable while working, you will less likely feel tired. Work boots can also reduce the strain on your lower extremities’ muscles and decrease your chances of developing work-related musculo-skeletal conditions. Since work boots reduce fatigue, you will be able to do your work much faster and even better, improving your job performance.

3. Work Boots Offer Protection Against Extreme Weather Elements

Working an extremely cold or snowy workplace can result in numerous health problems. Extremely low temperatures, for instance, can lower blood circulation in your feet and if you expose yourself in such kind of weather for too long, it can cause severe nerve damage and tissue death.

Some medical conditions, such as Reynaud’s Syndrome can even be easily aggravated by weather changes. Reynaud’s Syndrome is a medical condition whereby an individual’s extremities turn purple due to insufficient blood flow to the extremities due to exposure to cold weather.

It’s important to note that not all work boots are insulated hence make sure that you choose one insulated with the right materials.

4. Safety Work Boots help Avoid lawsuits

Because of how vital work shoes are in workplaces, wearing them every time when working has been a part of work regulations. You should wear them be at all times to ensure your safety while working. If you have a company and fail to provide safety boots to your employees or you’re not strict in making your employees comply to work regulations, you can even get sued.

Lawsuits that involve workplace safety are not only expensive and time-consuming and but can also cost your business licenses and permits. Besides safety shoes, workers must also wear protective headgear, long work pants, and shirts with long sleeves. They need also to wear face masks and goggles if they at risk of getting splashed with toxic particles or chemicals. 

5. Work Boots Can Help you Keep your Job

Employers are not the only ones responsible for ensuring their workers comply to work regulations. Employees themselves are also responsible for their safety at work. If an employee fails to wear protective gear, they can be fired due to failure to comply to the OHSA Compliance Standards. Your employer can also terminate your employment in case of misconduct. 

So, for your own protection and safety, ensure to wear your personal protective gear always.

10 Points that Matter When Buying a Table Tennis Table


Anyone who is interested in a ping pong table is likely overwhelmed by the variety of models. And the ping-pong table is not the same as a ping-pong table. Which one you choose should therefore be well thought out. We will tell you the 10 most important criteria to consider when buying a table tennis table.

Outdoor or indoor ping-pong table

First, you should clarify whether you will use the table tennis table indoors or outdoors. Indoor tables have better playing properties than outdoor tables: Due to the thick fine chipboard they have a better ball jumping behavior than outdoor boards. However, the difference is only noticed by experienced players and professionals, for whom only indoor tables are suitable (professional table tennis is not played outside). Similarly, even indoor tables are not always suitable for the hobby room, the basement or the garage: damp rooms can damage the wood panel. Therefore, we recommend the outdoor table tennis table.

Type of table tennis table

The nature of the plate is an important criterion. For outdoor tables, a distinction is made between aluminum composite and melamine resin boards. Aluminum composite panels, on the other hand, offer a better ball bounce than tables made of melamine resin, but here again: amateur players do not notice the difference. Also, cracks in the aluminum cladding can form in composite panels – the wood core is then no longer optimally protected. We therefore recommend sheets of melamine resin. These are by nature absolutely weather resistant.

Table tennis brands

Even though the range of table tennis tables is large, the number of known and renowned manufacturers remains manageable.

Stability and mobility

Choose a table that is as robust as possible. Sheets of melamine resin not only defy the harshest weather conditions; the material also protects against scratches and dents. Therefore, melamine resin panels are especially suitable for families, where children sometimes demand something more from the table. A sturdy base with wide feet and cross struts also improves the state of the plate. Also make sure that the table can be moved. Tables with twin roller wheels can be moved very easily. Large, frosted wheels facilitate transport on rough terrain. Other tables are also equipped with a transport handle, with which the plate can be easily raised at thresholds or terrace edges.

  1. Table tennis design – The eye plays along – and even if you do not use the ping-pong table now, it will still be visible in the garden or on the terrace. The design of the table should therefore not be ignored.
  2. Storage – Straight outdoor tables are not used throughout the year and must be repeatedly set up and put away. Therefore, check whether the table tennis table has a simple folding mechanism. This should also be easy for children to use.
  3. Safety – When buying a ping-pong table, you should pay special attention to safety – especially when children are playing at the table. A simple locking mechanism is therefore important. And when it comes to “running around”, protective covers on the corners provide enough safety for your children.
  4. Assembly – Not every shop offers a mounting service – and this always has its price. If you want to save costs, time and nerves, you should be well informed about the assembly of the table tennis table. The assembly of the table is intended for two to three people regardless of the manufacturer and takes about two hours for the inexperienced. If your dealer offers a mounting service and you want to play it safe, then a professional assembly by an expert is worthwhile.
  5. Table tennis extras – The table tennis tables of the known manufacturers usually have a similar basic equipment. Often it is additional functions that distinguish a very good from a good table. Depending on the model, the tables have various extras such as a ball holder and distributor, racket fans, retractable nets with adjustable height and tension, feet with adjustable height, corner shooter, transport handle, and rollers with brakes


In a publication titled 12+ Best Ping Pong Table Reviews REVEALED After 2 Days Of Intense Search, Pingthatpong highlighted the top ping pong tables that can be played indoors and outdoors , which includes bestselling products like Joola Inside , Killerspin Revolution and Stiga Avantage.

Basically, all table tennis tables have the same structure. They consist of frame, plate, frame and net. Some models also have wheels for easy transportation. If you want to enjoy it for a long time, you should pay attention to the quality of the individual components.

Frame – For a secure footing, even on uneven ground, the table should have a sturdy frame. If you want to set up the table tennis table in the garden, you should pay attention to cross struts between the legs. They provide additional stability. More comfort is provided by frames whose legs are adjustable in height. They allow you to adjust the table to your body size.

Plate – The thickness of the table top influences the bounce of the ball. Therefore, tournament tables must have a particle board that is at least 19 mm thick for optimum playing characteristics. Today, however, most table tennis tables are 22-25 mm thick. Only cheap models are sometimes a bit thinner and thus have worse playing properties. If you have little space available, it is worth buying a collapsible table. You can store such a model in a space-saving way by pushing the two halves of the table together and locking them upright using a hinge. Some table tennis tables can also be folded up on one side, so that a person can play alone on it. The folded table side serves as a wall to which the ball is played back.

Frame – The table tennis is usually enclosed by a frame, which gives the actual playing surface their stability. If you attach great importance to a particularly robust model, then you are accessing a version with a metal frame. Basically, the wider the frame, the higher the stability of the playing surface. A wide frame is especially recommended for panels that you want to place on a rough surface. On the other hand, models with a narrow frame have a lower dead weight and can be transported more easily.

Net – Some table tennis tables are available with fixed nets. These designs have the advantage that you do not have to set up the network separately. So if you want to play a spontaneous game, you only need to set up the disk and the net will work out automatically. However, fixed nets have the disadvantage that they are not easily replaceable in the event of a defect. Therefore, choose a model with a separate net if you play a lot of table tennis.

Transport castors – To transport the folded ping pong table comfortably, many models have castors. Make sure, however, that the transport wheels are equipped with parking brakes. This allows you to lock the rollers so that they do not roll away during use.


A History of Football’s (or Soccer’s) World Cup

Fußballer kickt den Ball in Richtung Tor, natürlicher Hintergrund

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (or FIFA) World Cup. That event is easily one of the most popular events in the entire world, with millions of fans that come out to support their favorite teams as they battle it out for the World Cup. The rivalries, both new and old, burn brightly whenever the teams come together to compete ever four years. Germany is the most recent winner of the tournament, although Brazil is another fan favorite. The tournament has been held since 1930, with the two exceptions of 1942 and 1946. It was not held during these times because of World War II. So who was the first team to win the World Cup? What is the background of the world-famous trophy? And what is in the future for this event? Read on to find out.

The Very First World Cup

The World Cup began as an idea from the president of FIFA at the time, Jules Rimet. There had been other international football events in the past, yet none like what he had in mind. In 1928, the FIFA conference voted to begin their own tournament that was separate from the Olympics. For the very first host country, the conference chose Uruguay to host the event. However, this was met with some pushback from the European teams. To fly to Uruguay meant a long and expensive flight. But two months before the first World Cup was to start, FIFA received confirmation that Europe would be represented in the tournament. Fifteen teams were set to take part in the World Cup.

The first two games took place at the same time, France versus Mexico and the United States of America versus Belgium. France took the first goal in the tournament and also took their game against Mexico, winning 4-1. The United States took their game against Belgium 3-0. In the end though, only Uruguay and Argentina were left in the final. After a tense game, Uruguay came out on top of the tournament, winning by 2 points at 4-2.

The Famous World Cup Trophy

For forty years since the inception of the event in 1930, teams competed for the Jules Rimet Trophy, named as such for the creator of the event. Before it was named that, however, it was called the World Cup, or, alternatively, Coupe du Monde. In 1946, it was decided that the trophy should be renamed in honor of Jules Rimet. The trophy was taken out of rotation after Brazil won the World Cup in 1970, allowing them to permanently house the national treasure. Unfortunately, it was stolen and never recovered. Experts believe that the thieves melted down the cup after they stole it, in order to sell it more easily.

After the Brazilians permanently won the trophy in 1970, a competiton was announced in order to design a new trophy. An Italian designer named Silvio Gazzaniga was the winner. However, the new trophy is not given to teams. Instead, each tream receives bronze, silver, or gold medals that have an insignia of the World Cup Trophy engraved on them.

And Many World Cups into the Future

As for this year’s World Cup, there have already been some major upsets. For example, here in the beginning of the tournament, Germany, the champions of the 2014 World Cup, lost to Mexico, the underdogs, 1-0. In addition, Messi, one of the faces of FIFA and the World Cup and one of the most popular football stars, failed to show up in his first game. What this proves is that the sport of football still has room to grow and evolve, and the fans will be right there with it.

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